UK firms set to prioritise tech training in 2021

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing many large businesses into the digital realm, and most of their employees into a remote working environment, being tech-savvy has never been more important.

For this reason, according to a new report from Studio Graphene, big businesses will prioritize tech training for their employees, as well as bringing in skilled workers.

Polling 750 UK decision-makers, Studio Graphene found that two thirds are planning to spend more money on training their employees this year, while a further 58 percent intend to recruit new tech talent.

For Ritam Gandhi, founder and Director of Studio Graphene, this is quite a surprise, given that large businesses are usually laggards when it comes to tech adoption. They’re usually held back by miles of red tape, legacy IT systems and endless bureaucracy.

“But our research suggests that the tides may be turning,” he argues. “Covid-19 has prompted large businesses to finally escape the trap of legacy thinking, and instead behave more like a startup in the battle for survival.”

It’s a welcome change, Gandhi adds, as investing in both new tech and in the workforce will help businesses “unleash the immense potential of new and emerging tech.”

Employees that were forced to work from home reported struggling with new technology solutions, as well as staying safe online. Many sought help from other household members and relatives, as IT departments were stretched thin.

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