Three ways to turn your B2B business into an e-commerce leader

The Covid-19 pandemic sent consumers flocking online to buy everything from groceries to workout equipment — and it catalyzed a similar shift among B2B enterprises, too.  Surveys show that B2B sellers now believe digital engagement to be 2-3X more important than real-world selling, while most B2B buyers now prefer digitized, self-service purchasing methods to traditional, salesperson-directed buying experiences. With showrooms closed and both buyers and sellers having worked from home, the pandemic dramatically accelerated B2B brands’ shift toward digital commerce. 

To understand why that’s a big deal, think about how B2B differs from B2C commerce. Mention e-commerce and most people think of Amazon, Wayfair and Overstock, the Target and Walmart websites, or maybe popular direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands like Casper or Bonobos. The strategies these B2C players used to achieve success, however, have little in common with the requirements of B2B enterprises, which have significantly more complex products and sales processes. 

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