Tech issues aren’t letting workers make the most of working from home

Remote SMB employees could be far more productive if they were provided with superior technology, a new report from Ricoh Europe states.

The company polled more than 600 office workers and found that they were struggling with productivity, morale and the ability to serve their customers properly – all because their tools are sub-par.

The end of the pandemic may be in sight, but there’s still a long way to go before working life begins to resemble anything close to the “old normal”, which is why it is paramount businesses tackle these issues, it was said.

Employees are saying they don’t have the tools necessary to deliver the results their customers ask of them, nor the tools to collaborate properly with their colleagues when working from home.

Remote work is also being hampered by compliance concerns. More than a quarter claimed it’s hard to follow company procedures with the technology they have at their disposal. As a result, some companies are dancing a thin line where compliance with data regulations is concerned.

And to add insult to injury, IT support isn’t always available to remote workers, as they seem to be stretched thin and swamped with work.

All of this makes employees work longer hours, lose motivation and disengage from work.

“The path forward is clear,” claims David Mills, CEO at Ricoh Europe. “Identify and resolve those technology-related issues when it comes to collaborating with colleagues and following company procedures. Failing to address employees’ remote working needs could scupper many other long-term objectives. It’s a balancing act, but only businesses that keep every plate spinning will continue along the path towards long-term success.”

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