Remote working has made it next to impossible for staff to switch off

Almost a year since the transition to remote working, many people are still struggling to establish an effective work-life balance.

According to a new report from price comparison website, a quarter of the UK workers regularly check their work email while on their phones. The report hints that workers are worried they might lose their jobs (as many have, during the pandemic) if they are not always online and available.

Millennials (those aged 25-44) are the most likely to suffer in this respect, with almost half (44 percent) admitting to checking their work emails in their free time. Members of Gen Z, meanwhile, are least likely to check work emails after hours.

Drilling into differences between genders, men seem to be slightly worse at switching off than women, with 26 percent unable to keep themselves away from their work inbox, compared to 23 percent of women.

Although remote working was forced upon most companies by the pandemic, the practice has been welcomed with open arms for the most part. Initial reports suggested remote workers were more productive and happier, thanks to less time spent commuting and more with family.

However, reports of erosion in mental health quickly followed, with isolation taking its toll and always-on culture preventing staff from relaxing properly. Decision-makers were advised to keep employee mental health front of mind, by offering counseling, communicating with staff more frequently, enforcing short breaks and more.

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