Pressure on IT teams is pushing many decision-makers to burnout

IT teams are feeling the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic and many are on the brink of burnout. This is according to a new report from UK regional datacenter and cloud infrastructure services provider Pulsant.

With Covid-19 relentlessly forcing businesses into further digitizing their operations, management is pushing IT decision-makers to their limits, in a bid to stay operational and relevant.

Polling 201 UK IT decision-makers in mid-market organisations, Pulsant found that 65 percent felt heightened pressure and 80 percent of those said it was to the detriment of their health.

Anxiety and unbearable stress are the two main symptoms reported by IT decision-makers. A quarter have already burned out and have been sidelined, the report added, while a fifth quit their job and pursued careers elsewhere.

Digging deeper into why IT teams are under pressure, Pulsant uncovered that expectations have risen in the past year. Businesses are laser-focused on compliance and want to see IT teams working with more areas of the business.

They also want IT to support and have knowledge of a broader range of technologies and to update outdated tech faster. On top of all that, IT is also expected to deliver projects quicker.

According to Pulsant, IT has also become influential in board-level business decision making, with the majority of IT decision-makers involved in setting the business strategy for the year ahead.

“An accelerating pace of change means that IT teams are under more pressure than ever to support more critical business initiatives and deliver results faster, while at the same time ensuring business systems remain available, secure and compliant,” said Simon Michie, Pulsant CTO.

“This can place IT teams under immense strain which is detrimental to both the success of the business, and more importantly employee wellbeing, with staff left stressed, anxious and having to take time out from the business. “

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