Oracle doubles down on environmental commitments

Oracle is content with its progress towards sustainability goals over the last five years, but is now ready to double down on its efforts.

In a recent blog post, the company’s Sustainability Product Strategist, Evelyn Neumayr, said that of the four goals the company planned to achieve by 2020, three – to reduce global CO2 emissions, shift to renewable energy sources and divert waste from landfills – were either met or surpassed. The fourth, water conservation, is on track to be fulfilled by the end of the year.

Going forward, Oracle plans to reduce absolute emissions by 26 percent compared with a 2015 baseline and reduce emissions per unit of energy consumed by 55 percent. It also wants to cut its use of potable water per square foot and waste-to-landfill per square foot by 33 percent by 2025.

The company’s cloud business will “play a major part” in this endeavor, Neumayr explained. By 2025, the firm plans to power the Oracle Cloud with 100 percent renewable energy, up from 59 percent today. At the moment, its European datacenters – located in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Zurich – are powered with 100 percent renewable energy.

Furthermore, it plans to invest more in the OracleDesign for the Environment (DfE) program, with the goal of creating a more “circular” supply chain. This program recovers, reuses, and remanufactures hardware retired by customers and from Oracle’s cloud datacenters.

By 2025, the company wants all of its key suppliers to set up environmental programs, with at least 80 percent of them having emission-reduction targets by 2025.

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