Network complexity is becoming a serious problem for businesses

WAN is growing in popularity among businesses, but it’s also causing plenty of concern. This is according to a new report from cloud-first WAN solutions provider Aryaka, which states that continued WAN  and application growth is resulting in increased network complexity.

The company’s latest report states that the number of enterprises deploying at least 500 distinct applications has grown to almost half (46 percent). Furthermore, the number of enterprises that now connect to more than 100 inter-regional sites has grown by half, from 19 percent in 2020 to 28 percent this year.

But this growth is cause for concern. More than a third (37 percent) of enterprises now identify complexity as their biggest network worry. For 20 percent (up from 16 percent a year ago), the cost is a major issue.

The main driver for WAN transformation for almost half of enterprises (43 percent) is application performance. Still, WAN transformation has been pretty slow in the past 12 months, due to the pandemic.

Going forward, the majority of enterprises (70 percent) are planning to move to managed services, while less than a fifth (18 percent) prefer a DIY WAN solution.

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