Most data centre firms are aiming for a power boost in 2021

The data center business is booming, which means a lot of electricity is required to support the uptick in activity.

According to a new report from ABB Power Conversion, most data center businesses (53 percent) are likely to consider power system upgrades to meet increased demand in the future.

Polling 150 data center professionals for the report, ABB Power Conversion found roughly half (52 percent) would choose direct current (DC) power architectures, if they were to upgrade.

The report claims a distributed DC power architecture is scalable at the cabinet level and, as such, allows power capacity to be purchased and added. Power levels may be adjusted with each cabinet, as needed.

“A distributed DC power architecture is designed to scale, which is precisely what’s needed in a world where rapid, unexpected spikes in data and customer demand is the new norm,” said Vito Savino, wireline and data center segment leader at ABB Power Conversion.

“And having a trusted team in place that knows and understands the nuances and criticality of data center power can help put minds at ease in 2021 and beyond as demand continues to balloon – especially with the rollout of 5G and the interconnectivity it enables.”

The report found that not all business leaders are looking to add more power to their data centers. Almost half are considering building new data center space or maximizing the use of what they currently have.

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