Most companies are not prepared for IT needs of the future

IT infrastructure among UK enterprises, but also elsewhere around the world, is not equipped for the digital future.

This is according to a new report from IBM, which claims that IT decision makers are aware of the fact and are working diligently to make their networks future-proof. However, there are a number of challenges to navigate along the way.

Polling 380 CIOs and CTOs for the report, IBM found that 60 percent perceive their networks as unfit for the future. They want to integrate cloud computing and cloud-based solutions as means of improvement, but the process is slow. Right now, about a third are in the middle of their digital transformation journey, while a quarter are just starting.

Of the enterprises investing in cloud, many are moving at an “aggressive” pace, IBM says. More than half are pursuing a public cloud strategy, 48 percent a hybrid one, and 45 percent a private cloud model.

But this is easier said than done, as there are multiple challenges along the way. IBM identified legacy applications running large data pools as a key roadblock, followed by not having the right teams in place.

Increased infrastructure flexibility, the need to establish a competitive advantage, cost savings, increasing globalization, and meeting client demands were listed as the main drivers of digital transformation.

“Our clients are looking to accelerate IT modernization by leveraging cloud models – both public and hybrid, data, AI, automation and other key technologies to help shape, scale and manage more effectively massive, complex, global architectures,” said Archana Vemulapalli, General Manager, IBM Infrastructure Services – Offerings and CTO.

“In this rapidly changing digital business environment, organizations can bring in the right technology and the right partners to help aggregate, integrate, build and maintain a scalable digital business, while also enforcing effective governance.”

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