IT teams have become more important than ever

The last year has been a challenging one for UK businesses on multiple fronts and these difficulties have emphasized the importance of IT teams.

This is according to a new report from low-code application development company Mendix, which claims that both Brexit and Covid-19 placed immense pressure on businesses, forcing them to radically change the way they operate.

For two thirds (65 percent), IT departments were “instrumental” in preparing for Brexit, it was said.

As the pandemic swept across the nation, meanwhile, IT leaders had to focus on improving business resilience, agility and employee productivity. They did this mostly via cloud computing solutions, collaboration software and productivity software.

Expected to deliver projects and services faster than ever, IT teams were almost constantly pressed for time. They did, however, receive extra resources and budget to prepare for the long-term effects of both Covid-19 and Brexit.

The Mendix report further states that both Brexit and Covid-19 forced IT teams to work more closely with other departments, leading to wider adoption of low-code. Two-thirds of businesses have specifically adopted new technologies to enable IT and business teams to collaborate, and even more have implemented tech to empower non-IT employees to develop and implement their own digital business applications.

“Digital transformation initiatives can no longer be put on the back burner while the IT team solves immediate problems – they are the immediate problem to solve,” said Nick Ford, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing for Mendix.

“Yet, with a talent crunch that’s unlikely to go away anytime soon, businesses need to ensure they tap into all their digitally savvy talent. This is why so many businesses have been adopting low-code.”

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