IT leaders find on-prem systems ‘not capable of reacting to rapid change’

For the vast majority of decision-makers worldwide (77 percent), on-premise IT systems and enterprise applications are simply not capable of reacting to rapid change, which has become nothing short of a necessity in today’s environment.

This is according to a new report from enterprise software provider Unit4, which states that, in order to become more agile and competitive, businesses are turning towards digital transformation and cloud-based technologies.

For more than four in five (84 percent), accelerating their digital transformation plans is now of high importance, with 86 percent looking to the cloud for more flexibility, as well as to better support remote workers.

The report further states that today, especially with Covid-19 still being a factor, empowering employees and having them achieve their maximum potential is one of the main business priorities.

With this in mind, businesses are looking to the cloud for a simple user experience, automation for faster workflows, as well as better collaboration through tools such as Slack and Teams.

But digital transformation is not without its challenges. A third of the respondents claim data silos pose significant challenges, along with employees who refuse to embrace new solutions. Going forward, the report concludes, investment in innovation and a people-first approach is crucial.

“Organizations need to reimagine their business, taking learnings and seizing opportunities 2020 has provided to create a nimble organization for a sustainable and prosperous future.”

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