How the progressive CFO validates plans and persuades peers

We are all living in vastly changed times and many organizations will be re-engineering and transforming to deal with the new realities of the world. Shops who hadn’t previously considered an online strategy are having to embrace e-commerce, restaurants have become delivery experts and offices have become virtualized. All these activities have had a jarring impact on revenues, cost bases and profitability but one thing has not changed: the need for planning to establish a balance between risk and reward.

Ever since trade has existed, people have sought to apply a delicate formula that favors the latter over the former. Sometimes they have stood accused of being too cautious but the pandemic, rapid digitization, the rise of start-ups and demand for omnichannel sales and service have sparked investments in change. But if the instinct to cut first, invest second has been curbed, weighing risk/reward to optimize for success has not.

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