Honor 10X Lite smartphone review

Honor is continuing to launch smartphones throughout the pandemic and the ongoing US sanctions that prevent it from using Google Mobile Services, depriving it of a vital selling point that has forced the company to innovate and throw its weight behind Huawei’s Mobile Services. With all this in mind, Honor has just launched the 10X Lite which is an improvement on the Honor 9X Lite launched in April 2020, around seven months ago. It retails for around £155 direct from Honor Saudi Arabia where it was launched a few days ago; no dates for UK/US/EU launches have been announced yet.

(Image credit: Future)


Holding the Honor 10X Lite, you wouldn’t think that this is an entry level smartphone. It is relatively big and heavy – but not in a bad way. Having a 6.7-inch display – almost as large as some tablets out there – means that Honor’s newest member was never going to be a midget. At 77 x 166 x 9.3mm for a mass of just over 200g, it feels well built; the “midnight black” model that we tested has a plastic back that you’d easily mistaken for glass.

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