Google Cloud has the ‘best performing cloud’, but AWS the most cost-efficient

Among the big three cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform (GPC) – the latter is the best performer in terms of throughput. AWS, on the other hand, has lowest network latency.

This is according to the third annual Cloud Report, published recently by commercial database management firm Cockroach Labs.

As per a report from The Register, the company analyzed the big three to try and determine if any could be considered “best”. It ran almost 1,000 benchmark tests, looking at CPU performance, network performance and storage I/O.

According to the report, GCP won on throughput, or fastest processing rates. It also managed to surpass its competitors, for the first time ever, in the derivative TPC-C Benchmark, which measures transactional throughput of a retail customer.

AWS, on the other hand, remains undisputed champion of network latency, having 28 percent and 37 percent lower latency than Azure and GCP respectively. In the chip field it also fared well, with its Graviton2 besting GCP and Azure (both running AMD chips) in the 16-core benchmark.

The report found Google Cloud the winner for the overall benchmark, but did stress that all three performed well in different aspects. Azure was a clear winner in storage I/O thanks to its disks, while AWS was described as most cost-efficient for OLTP.

“It is important to point out that each of the cloud providers showcased overall growth in machine performance since the 2020 report,” Cockroach concluded.

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