Five top tips to reassess your IT security risk

According to Growth Intelligence over 85,000 online businesses were launched during the first lockdown in the UK – a phenomenal figure. For some it was a move to seek out new or expand existing revenue channels in light of the countless redundancies the pandemic had caused. For others, it was a golden opportunity to pursue a new career or launch a new product or service ripe for a remote audience. 

Many of these were small businesses which perhaps had never traded online before, or certainly not in a sizeable manner. By scaling, and most likely unwittingly, these businesses have opened up new attack surfaces, rendering themselves more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Where a breach at a larger organization might be seen as involving a hefty fine and considerable reputational damage, for a small business it can be the nail in the coffin as they often do not have the economic means in their pocket to support a period of disruption. This was also evident in a recent research which found that nearly a quarter of UK small and medium-sized enterprises would likely go out of business if they would have to pay the cost of an average cyber-attack.

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