Edge computing set to play an increasingly important role for businesses

Although just a quarter of businesses are harnessing edge computing today, almost all (89 percent) believe it will play an important role within the next decade. 

This is according to a new report from Telehouse International Corporation of Europe, which suggests businesses want to “bring applications closer to data sources” by 2030.

Besides edge, businesses also expect to shift further away from on-premise computing and into the cloud. This shift will create a major domino effect: businesses expect the amount of data they handle to double within the decade. 

Companies also believe this trend will severely impact their infrastructure requirements, which is why the majority (62 percent) expect major investment in datacenter infrastructure. Half (51 percent) are planning to migrate applications to either hosted private or public cloud platforms.

As a result of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, more businesses and consumers are using digital services. Organizations are now looking to increase bandwidth and connectivity, speed up the process of digital transformation and increase the capacity of their datacenters.

In contrast, less than a quarter expect to deploy on-premise infrastructure. The average amount of infrastructure on-premise is expected to fall from 54 percent today, to 32 percent within the decade.

Promising as the future may sound, getting there is not going to be without challenges. Data security and compliance, environmental impact, as well as considerations around costs will all be major roadblocks.

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