Digital transformation needs to start with DDI

Any digital transformation project, if managed correctly, should be an enterprise-wide endeavor, touching every department and process. Although the term has existed for years, what is meant by digital transformation today is a shift away from the hardwired and hardware-driven infrastructure and towards the software-defined networks and cloud tech that enable businesses to adapt and scale at an increasingly rapid pace. 

Managing this transformation, however, is a remarkably complex process. There are so many factors to consider, such as the emergent technologies such as IoT, new operations methodologies like NetOps and DevOps, virtualization, and the growth in microservices and edge computing. Despite the complexity they inevitably introduce, these new technologies and methodologies are driving the evolution of the network, and aiding businesses in freeing themselves from the yoke of legacy systems still being utilized across the world. 

How can enterprise DDI help? 

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