DevOps vacancies will be the ‘hardest to fill’ in 2021

As Covid-19 sent countries around the world into lockdown, remote working became the norm. One of the side-effects was a “sudden rise in demand for DevOps experts”, according to a new report from CodinGame.

The report states that, as a result of the pandemic, businesses experienced an increased need to manage cloud infrastructure or migrate operations to the cloud. As the trend is “likely to continue” in 2021, tech recruiters are going to have a hard time filling the skills gap.

Almost half of HR professionals polled for the report (43 percent) said they expect to struggle to find qualified DevOps personnel, even more so than back-end and full-stack developers.

The report also claims that remote working and telecommuting is unlikely to survive for long once restrictions have been lifted. The majority of developers have been working remotely during the pandemic and are eager to return to an office setting.

HR specialists, meanwhile, who have been conducting interviews via video calls, echoed this sentiment and expect the hiring process to go back “offline” once the pandemic subsides.

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