Data Mesh: A paradigm shift in enterprise data management

As Gartner outlined in its 2021 top trends for data analytics report, business leaders are beginning to understand the critical role of data and analytics in accelerating business decisions, shifting it from a ‘nice to have’ to a core business function. The combination of the pandemic accelerating digital transformation and businesses accumulating more data than ever before mean that investments into data and analytics have skyrocketed as organizations demand more valuable insights from their data that they can capitalize on for future challenges.

For many organizations, scaling and investing in data and analytics often means choosing the hottest new data platform that they perceive to be easy to integrate into operations to store, access and analyze everything in one place. But with data coming in thick and fast, in many different formats and from many different places, no such platform can overcome the human complexities that are involved in organizing all data in one place, and companies often aren’t seeing the transformational results they expect. This shows that companies must look beyond tools and platforms if they want to get more from their data.

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