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Used by more than 18,000 companies and over 14 million people, password manager Dashlane rightly boasts that it has never had a security breach in more than 10 years of doing business. 

As well as the standard features you’d expect from the best password managers aimed at small businesses, Dashlane offers additional services such as dark web monitoring, and enables users to create separate spaces for their personal and professional online lives.

In our Dashlane review, we examine the business plans available, as well as the company’s security features and customer support offering.

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Plans and pricing

Dashlane offers a 14-day free trial on its Business plans (Image credit: Dashlane)

If you opt to manage your passwords through Dashlane, you can choose between two plan types: Team and Business. The Team plan, which costs $5 per user a month, offers key features such as group password sharing, compromised password alerts, and remote deletion of company accounts. 

With the Business plan, which carries a fee of $8 per user a month, you’ll receive all the features of the Team package plus single sign-on functionality, which means you can use just one ID to authenticate multiple devices. By opting for the Business package, you’ll also receive a free Family plan for every user within your business, ordinarily valued at $60.

If you’re not certain that your organization would benefit from Dashlane, you could sign up for a free 14-day trial on one of its plans. 


Dashlane review - Dashlane's password generator tool in use

The software enables you to generate robust and random passwords (Image credit: Dashlane)

The password manager feature enables your employees to generate, store, and auto-fill passwords for their online accounts, and adding a password to your account is a quick and straightforward process. After typing the relevant URL into Dashlane, the software auto-fills the password and then stores the information on your account for later use.

Dashlane enables users to safely share encrypted passwords, which eliminates the need to send passwords via less secure channels. After typing any confidential information into the secure notes section of your account, you can decide whether you’d like the recipient to have either full or limited rights to this content. We found sharing sensitive information via Dashlane far simpler than using equivalent features on some of its rivals.

If you sign up for one of Dashlane’s professional plans, you and/or your employees will be offered access to its Personal plans as an additional incentive. For total separation between work and home life, Dashlane’s Smart Space Management feature enables users to create different environments for personal and business needs. This means that you can monitor the health of an employee’s professional passwords without infringing on their personal privacy.

This optional feature scans the web in search of any compromised personal data related to your email details. With it, you can monitor up to five email addresses. Should you discover your email addresses (or those belonging to your employees) have been compromised during a cyberattack, you’ll need to change the related username and password immediately. 

Remember, the user in question should also change their passwords across any other accounts that have the same login details. It’s also essential to notify your IT department of any potential breaches, so that they can run appropriate checks for viruses and other types of malware across your network. 

Interface and in use

Dashlane review - Dashlane's master password entry tool

Dashlane cites predictive analytics as one of its most attractive features (Image credit: Dashlane)

The company markets its unique interface as being its most attractive selling point, claiming to be the only password manager providing a reporting dashboard that enables you to identify password hygiene issues. The software can then suggest specific areas for improvement, targeted toward individual teams or employees. 

While this feature is certainly compelling, it may not be especially beneficial to small businesses, as you’ll need to add at least five users to gain an accurate overview of password health.

Like many password managers, Dashlane enables you to access its software across the following desktop and mobile platforms: Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android. It’s also supported by all major browsers.


Dashlane review - Dashlane's support webpage

Companies adding more than 50 seats to their plan receive a customer success manager (Image credit: Dashlane)

If you need help with your account, Dashlane offers 24/7 email and chatbot support, while live chat support is available from 9 am to 6 pm EST, Monday to Friday. Dashlane also provides you with a customer success manager if you add more than 50 seats to your account, and you’ll also receive technical support with onboarding over email. You should note, however, that the company doesn’t offer telephone support.


Dashlane review - Dashlane's webpage promoting its security features

Users can enable two-factor authentication, which means you’ll need an additional code to access your account (Image credit: Dashlane)

All of Dashlane’s systems work on the basis of two-factor authentication, and the software is compatible with the most popular mobile authenticator apps. It also operates on a zero-knowledge, US-patented security architecture, which guarantees only you and your admins have access to your data. This means that Dashlane itself will not have access to the passwords you store on its servers. So, even if the company were to be hacked, cybercriminals could not gain access to your data.

The competition

If you’re a small business seeking a free solution, Bitwarden offers a number of attractive features such as multi-device syncing, secure password sharing, and password strength testing. If you’d like to upgrade to a paid plan (costing $3 or $5 per user a month), you’ll have access to additional features such as password hygiene reports and self-hosting functionality. 

Should you need a password manager for personal use, NordPass is a strong proposition, offering features such as end-to-end encryption and biometric authentication. At present, its two-year plan is $1.49 per user a month.

Final verdict

Dashlane review - Dashlane's business service homepage

Dashlane’s business-specific features are especially impressive (Image credit: Dashlane)

After taking part in a free trial, it’s easy to understand why Dashlane has a reputation as one of the best password management providers on the market. We were extremely impressed by the business-specific aspects of its offering, such as its data-driven dashboard and the provision of separate spaces for business and personal use. 

Although we’d have liked to have seen telephone support on business accounts, we are aware that a number of leading password management providers don’t offer this feature. If you can live with this limitation, Dashlane could be an excellent choice for your business.

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