Companies are desperate to close digital holes at the edge

As enterprises increasingly look to close digital gaps at the edge, digital service providers will most likely increase private connectivity bandwidth by a factor of five, within the next three years. This is according to a new report from Equinix, called the Global Interconnection Index.

The pandemic is forcing organizations to speed up their digital transformation efforts, the report states. One of the elements of this transformation is the concession to more remote working.

As a result, enterprises that can facilitate this new way of working (telecoms, cloud and IT services) are expected to contribute to more than half of the total interconnection bandwidth growth in the EMEA region, growing faster than other industries.

While the region as a whole will most likely account for almost a quarter (23 percent – 3,782 Tbps) of the projected global installed interconnection bandwidth, a handful of locations will be responsible for most of it: London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Overall interconnection bandwidth (private connectivity between businesses) in the EMEA region is expected to grow 45 percent at a compound rate (CAGR) within the next three years, the report further states.

London will see interconnection bandwidth growth on the same CAGR level as the wider EMEA region: 1,337 Tbps. The England capital’s growth will be at least three times higher than in Paris, and more than twice that of Amsterdam.

Equinix believes this will help London retain its position of the strategic interconnection hub for digital businesses that are looking to compete on a global scale.

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