Changing role of CISOs | ITProPortal

The past decade has seen a dramatic rise in cyber threats and attacks, catalyzed by a myriad of factors including rapid digital transformation, the demands of the pandemic and the exponential growth of data sharing as consumers demand more personalized and unique experiences from brands. While ‘cybersecurity hygiene’ has long been the buzzword, a robust cyber strategy is now considered integral to the health of a business, alongside financial and operational controls. 

As you might anticipate, when a data breach occurs, most businesses focus on the immediate costs of addressing the issue, such as patching security gaps, and rebuilding the business. Unfortunately, the real cost of a data breach is far more extensive, damaging the very way customers perceive, trust and interact with the brand. In fact, in our recent report in collaboration with Interbrand found that if the world’s 100 most valuable brands were to face a data breach, they could collectively lose up to 223$b of their brand value. 

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