Cementing brand experience gains after a year of transformation

To say customer behavior and expectations have changed significantly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic risks understates just how dramatic the past year has been. The results from a recent Sitecore survey of thousands of global consumers and marketers show that a revolution is underway in terms of the future of customer experience.

Over three quarters (77 percent) of UK marketers fundamentally changed their customer experience strategy in response to the pandemic. Most report positive results from strategy changes 75 percent feel “more connected with their customers.” In addition, 74 percent of marketers say they made more progress in building their technology stack in the past year than the prior three years. Unfortunately, many of these gains come at a cost: 71 percent of marketers admit they relied on short-term fixes rather than permanent innovation, and 74 percent say the past year was the most challenging time in their career. Most marketers, understandably, want to address evolving these short-term fixes before moving onto other priorities — particularly at midsize enterprises

Investing in tech to combat the pandemic  

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