Amazon announces major UK hiring push

Amazon will be adding an additional 1,000 apprentices in the UK this year, the company has confirmed. According to Reuters, more than 20 different programs will be included, from software engineering, to robotics, to human resources and creative digital design.

City AM added the plan includes 100 degree-level apprenticeships, together with 500 positions reserved for Amazon’s current employees. These 500 positions were reserved to allow the employees the chance to reskill in a different area.

The positions will be open in various places, including warehouses, development centers and head offices throughout the country.

There are more than 40,000 Brits currently working for Amazon in the UK, the company stated, with 10,000 new employees added in the country in 2020. The company claims to have invested more than $31 billion in the country in the past decade.

“We are proud to be creating new opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds across the UK to gain skills through our apprenticeship programs in 25 different fields, from logistics to robotics,” said, John Boumphrey, Amazon’s UK country manager.

“An Amazon apprenticeship offers an exciting career path, creating opportunities within our local communities across the UK and helping our own employees retrain and gain new skills at a time when investing in people and jobs has never been more important.”

The apprenticeships will pay a minimum of $14.80 per hour in London and $13.30 per hour in other parts of the UK.

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