6 video file transfer solutions you should consider

With today’s advanced tech, you can shoot hours of stunning high definition content from your smartphone. However, even though it’s easier than ever to capture amazing videos, they still take up a huge amount of data, so transferring the footage you’ve captured—or videos from other sources—can be a real pain. 

To address the challenge of sharing and storing videos, we’ve collected the best video file transfer solutions available right now. Through advanced cloud technologies, these platforms provide a seamless experience in moving videos between devices. 

Even though these video file transfer tools do everything over the web, there’s no need to worry about security. All of the services we have included make use of encryption protocols to ensure that your videos can only be opened on the device you are sending them to. What’s more, many enable you to take full control over the permissions associated with each transferred file.

The Digital Pigeon platform supports multi-user management so that you know exactly who will be able to modify or access the videos you send (Image credit: Digital Pigeon)

1. Digital Pigeon

Send videos of any size conveniently

File size limit: 50 to over 200GB | Encryption:: SSL | Privacy: Advanced account

Create your own transfer portal branding

Advanced user management

Extremely pricey

Starter plan includes just one user

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